Roofing Services We Offer

Free Roof Estimates: One of the most important services we offer is Stay Dry Roofing can provide you with a free roof and deck estimate.

Roof Inspection: Different from a roof estimate, Stay Dry Roofing also provides detailed roof inspections. Stay Dry Roofing can Pinpoint every damage and provide images with a full list of what's the best solution for each problem on your roof.

Types of Roofs We Service: Simply almost all roofs. From residential homes to commercial buildings, Stay Dry Roofing can handle it all.

Residential Homes: All residential homes come in many different shapes and sizes including the protection your home may have. Our company specializes in shingle roofing to tile roofing. There's large variety of different types of shingles & tile to protect your home, be sure to ask us about the best material is right for you.

Residential Home Roof Removal & Installation: Roof removal service is included with our roof installment package.

Residential Home Insulation: Stay Dry Roofing specializes on removing old roof insulation and installing top of the line insulation that will keep your home cool and properly ventilated. Over the years, many home owners have had rodent problems making their old insulation hazardous to their health with rat feces and urine. We suggest to call us immediately so we can help with your insulation problem. Also our choice in insulation products are all eco-friendly.

Commercial Buildings: Commercial buildings are a bit more complex compared to residential homes but manageable. From skylight repairs, installation and removal to coatings, membrane installation and removal. Solar panel installations, torch downs we can do it all in all commercial needs.