We Use Sharkskin Underlayment

Sharkskin is a synthetic roof underlayment. All construction professionals know the importance of a quality roof system. That is why so much research, time and effort goes into specifying and installing the right roofing product for every building.

Sharkskin is designed to ensure that quality of roof installations are not short-changed by inferior "Old-technology" asphalt felts. The state of the art in recent underlayment advances, Skarkskin is 100% polypropylene product with a 12 month UV exposure rating. It is the toughest nail able polymer underlayment available.

Thermally stable with a melting point of 320º F, this high tensile strength reinforced product is approved as an alternate to inferior Type 15 and Type 30 roofing felts.

These days you can't afford to open youself up to the potential liability of inferior roof underlayments. give your customers the finest roofing system by starting with "The Ultimate Roof Underlayment". For more info about Sharkskin products please click here.